Ascend SC

Elevating Global SCM

We are Ascend SC, an internal consulting group specializing in value optimization for global supply chains. We help our customers within Sumitomo Corporation and its Group Companies to improve existing operations, expand offerings and create new business models.

Supply Chain Management

Maximize efficiency and profitability in your SCM program with Ascend SC's consulting expertise.

Digital Solutions

Unlock data, automation and value in your supply chain with Ascend SC's Digital SCM.

Green Initiatives

Partner with Ascend SC to achieve your green initiatives and NetZero goals.

SC Global Tubular Solutions is now Ascend SC


SCM Consulting

With a 20+ year record of implementing and running supply chain projects for the global energy sector, we understand best practices and are driving the evolution in SCM operations.

Ascend SC's innovative approach to supply chain management enables us to deliver best-in-class solutions. Trust in our expertise to optimize your operations and achieve your business goals.



We build, configure, and implement digital products for every step of the supply chain in an agile environment rooted in customer input.

We leverage our collaborative approach to ensure that user feedback and engagement is at the heart of our process. As a result, our products align with your specific business needs to drive growth and success.

Innovating for a sustainable tomorrow

Green Initiatives

Our research and development practice engages partners and stakeholders who are focused on the energy transition and its impact on global supply chains.

By leveraging this network, we develop innovative strategies and solutions to optimize your operations and drive growth in a changing market.

Ascend SC is a part of Sumitomo Corporation. Sumitomo Corporation pursues productive trade, marketing and investment partnership opportunities with businesses throughout the world.