Energy Transition

The challenge of today's supply chains is to minimize and mitigate carbon emissions while exploring greener energy alternatives at every stage of the process. At Ascend SC, we leverage our knowledge of supply chain operations, digitalization opportunities, industry partnerships, and the broad reach of Sumitomo Corporation to pilot and launch sustainable models that support energy transition.

Our Approach

Ascend SC is committed to helping customers deliver lower emission products through optimized operations that drive cost improvement and meet emission reduction targets.


We work directly with manufacturers, operators and suppliers across the entire supply chain to understand where we can make a positive impact on emissions.

Those collaborations produce ideas that we qualify against market drivers and commercial opportunities to prioritize initiatives for further development.


Our broad global customer base and strong relationships with partners provide operational laboratories to develop and test our initiatives.

These proof of concept projects involve everything from carbon measurement to carbon capture and storage, implementation of alternative energy sources in the supply chain, or new models that build value for sustainability into the financial value equations.


As an internal consulting group, we work with our business partners and stakeholders across Sumitomo Corporation as an implementation channel for our green SCM innovation efforts. Successful pilots might be built into existing commercial channels as a new offering, or could result in new partnerships, joint ventures or subsidiary companies.