Supply chain management is our primary expertise. We understand manufacturing processes, sourcing strategies, global logistics, in country operations, inventory management, and all of the business processes and market drivers that impact those functions.

With a primary focus on the global energy sector, we are excited to expand our activities around the innovation happening through sustainable energy transition initiatives, particularly in the area of green supply chains.

Our Approach

Customer requirements drive our objectives. We work directly with our stakeholders and customers to solve the most pressing challenges, prioritizing efficiency, speed and value creation.

Energy Sector

The global energy sector is transforming. They must continue to serve the needs of the world through traditional extraction and production methods while reducing emissions and concurrently developing more sustainable practices and energy sources. Innovation in supply chains is critical to meet these objectives.

We have a long history in creating best in class operational programs for the biggest energy companies in the world. As we continue to improve those systems and methodologies, we are focused in innovation and scalability so that energy supply chains can evolve while still improving performance through the transition.

Green Supply Chain

The vision of green supply chain management is just beginning to emerge. We keep emission reduction, carbon capture and sustainable energy opportunities at the forefront of every project in our pipeline.

We analyze all aspects of current supply chains with questions about how we could implement something more efficient, with better data and utilization of more sustainable methods. The innovation opportunities revealed through this practice will contribute to a future where Green SCM will be the norm.