Life at Ascend SC

We actively build our culture together and strive to live it every day. Employees defined culture and values statements that support our internal team and allow us to deliver great outcomes to our stakeholders.

We review those themes on an ongoing basis to ensure that the way we work and collaborate is an accurate reflection of those commitments.

Our Approach

We are ONE team. That core statement includes not only our commitment to each other at Ascend SC, but also our engagement with our stakeholders and customers. We can only progress together.



We have identified the values we need as a company in order to deliver value back to our stakeholders.

Client Centric: We exist for our customers. Resolving their challenges is our purpose.

Commercial Orientation: We understand what drives business performance. Prioritization is based on value creation.

Operational Excellence: We strive for better solutions. Quality in every step drives excellent results.

Learning Agility: We study and test. Innovation requires a growth mindset and the ability to experiment and prove new ideas.

Expertise and Collaboration: We master and share knowledge. Success is realized through contribution from multiple perspectives.



How we work every day is the primary driver of our achievement. We believe that earning the trust of our stakeholders and our own team members is the key.

We are one team: Shared objectives and cross functional teams are the norm.

We take ownership: Accountability and transparency ensure our commitments to deliver.

We respect people: Meaningful contribution comes from everyone.

We are curious: Questions, ideas and new information fuel innovation.

We deliver distinct value: Opportunity is born in the greatest challenges.

Leadership and Teams

Our leadership team is a reflection of the entire company. We come from a variety of backgrounds and industry experiences. This results in a diversity of thought and a collaborative environment where the way forward often comes from an unexpected source.