Digitalization is the key enabler of efficiency, value recognition and emission reduction in supply chain operations.

We understand the processes, the partners, the challenges and the business models and apply digital products to improve performance and reveal data driven insights.

Our Approach

Ascend SC has built an integrated digital supply chain platform that connects with customer systems, addresses pain points and creates value across the entire supply chain.


Our digital approach is grounded in business strategy. We have developed and configured a suite of products that work to enhance SCM functions like Demand Planning, Traceability, Inventory Management and Reverse Logistics.

Those products can work on their own, or be integrated with customers' own systems, and incorporate new data sources for even more insight and value.

Agile Development

Our teams work in fully integrated agile squads that include business owners, product managers and developers.

This ensures that we build the right solutions, release quickly, test thoroughly, and incorporate user feedback at every step of the way.


People have to actually use new digital products and adopt new process in order for the business to capture efficiencies, new data and recognize value.

We are implementation specialists, engaging users in the process from the beginning, capturing requirements, developing enhancements, coordinating training, providing support, and ensuring that the teams in the field feel the benefit through the challenge of change.

Our track and trace solution reads any type of tag, capturing all relevant data including technical attributes, location, mill, and carbon footprint.

Our demand planning solution converts your rig schedules to demand, compares them with available inventory, and estimates replenishment orders to assure supply, reduce operational risk and eliminate the surplus.

Our inventory management platform natively supports end-to-end tubular processes, specifications, and business logic to procure, manage, and sell tubular products.