Supply Chain Management

Global supply chains have become increasingly complex. Operators need reliable sourcing, demand planning, logistics, inventory management, consumption, and surplus management - all with an emphasis on safe, high quality, efficient, and sustainable operations.  

A Legacy of more than two decades

With a 20+ year history in optimizing supply operations for global energy companies, Ascend SC understands the challenges of SCM and offers expertise, insight and proven best practices to elevate your supply chain. 


Unlock value and elevate performance.

Across all industries - manufacturers, operators, and end users are looking for new ways to unlock value and improve sustainability in their supply chains. Whether an existing site needs an upgrade, or a brand-new implementation is being built, we review all elements of the model and identify actions to deliver new value.

From process improvement to digitalization and automation, from new partnerships to carbon reduction initiatives, we reveal strategic options that meet the current needs and anticipate future opportunities. 


We build operational sites from the ground up.

Together with our stakeholders and clients, our sites are certified with complete quality management and Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) programs. Robust training and audits ensure that material meets required standards and, most importantly, employees are safe. 

Local Implementations

SCM is not one-size-fits all.

SCM is not one-size-fits-all. Our teams have worked all over the world, in every environment and across many different business models.

We understand that every operation has to run seamlessly through a unique combination of market forces, physical conditions, resource constraints, government requirements, and partnerships. We work with stakeholders to identify the entire landscape and assess feasibility for the best solution.